The Advantages of Buying a Used Car: Why Pre-Owned Vehicles Make Sense

Posted Wednesday, Nov 22, 2023

The tragedy of the COVID-19 outbreak has created a reversal of thought about the concept of basic requirements. The three essential requirements that still existed were food, clothing, and shelter, but nowadays, individuals are also conscious of the need for a car.

Since the coronavirus epidemic, an increasing number of people have started to choose personal transportation over any kind of

After-sales, a range of warranties and guarantees are provided in an effort to maintain the customer's faith in the platform. An interested buyer has a lot of inquiries when considering the purchase of a used car.

Justifications for Purchasing a Used Car 

Be advantageous to you:

Depreciates More Gradually

Purchasing a secondhand car makes financial sense because they experience both regular wear and tear and depreciation. The question of which one to choose in order to save money never goes away. Therefore, buying certified pre-owned vehicles from reliable sellers is strongly recommended.

An automobile must pass a rigorous 140-point quality inspection at A&JC Autos in order to be offered for sale. In actuality, an average of Rs 20,000 is spent on each of these automobiles to make them look just as beautiful as the new ones by additional refurbishment.

Used automobiles have a lower depreciation rate, which has a significant influence on the car's price and makes it less expensive than a new car. The definition of depreciation is the decrease in an asset's value.

Depreciation is influenced by several causes. Wear and tear is the primary source of the car's value depreciation. Therefore, throughout the course of a year, the value of new autos depreciates by 15–30%.

This is the value loss that comes with purchasing a new vehicle. Conversely, used autos have already experienced severe depreciation. It makes sense that selling a used car won't result in a significant value difference.

Reduced Insurance Premiums In comparison to a used car, the insurance prices for the new car are far too high. This is due to the fact that the insurance premium is closely correlated with the age of the vehicle, meaning that the newer the vehicle, the higher the insurance price.

Thus, it is more cost-effective to purchase a used car as the insurance premium will be much lower. 

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Guaranteed Dependability

The best approach to demonstrate confidence is to offer a guarantee on the product. Customers can be assured of dependability with robust warranties offered by digital platforms such as A&JC Autos.

The prospective purchasers feel relieved and secure knowing that the future A&JC Autos itself covers the costs of maintenance and repairs.

Certified Vehicles, Supported by Team and Technology 

We'll be examining each in-depth to provide greater insight into the distinctions between uncertified used automobiles and certified used cars, which are supported by teams and technology.

These two groups cover the entirety of the used car market. With the rise of internet marketplaces, certified secondhand automobiles are now a novel idea for Indian consumers. Most offline sellers have a selection of secondhand cars that are not certified.

Examining the specific distinctions, a non-certified vendor can be anyone, while a certified used automobile seller is someone who guarantees the state of the vehicle through a number of tests.

One of the drawbacks of not having a certification is that there would be no way to verify if the car has been tampered with or is not accidental.

The advantage of purchasing an automobile straight from the dealer is that it cuts out the expense of the transaction's intermediaries. Thus, purchasing directly is less expensive, but because there is no certification, the danger is much higher.

The test results, reports, and other information that the certified used vehicle dealer possesses gives the buyer confidence, especially when buying a used car. The cost of these dealers will be slightly more than that of physical dealerships.  


Purchasing a secondhand car helps to save resources by lowering the demand for brand-new vehicles. Moreover, a used automobile with a lower emission rating will help you lessen your environmental effects because air pollution is a problem in many towns. There are many factors to consider when buying a used automobile. Contact us at A&JC Autos for more information today. 

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